The Wellbeing of the Working Adult

The Wellbeing of the Working Adult

Employee wellness has been significantly impacted by the pandemic and the increase in remote work. As organizations pivot to keep up with the growing demand for programs to help increase wellness initiatives, it is a new reality and no longer viewed as a stigma or hindrance.

Employee wellbeing is important for organizational resilience, retention, work-life balance and so much more.

The Joshua Tree Learning Centre is committed to helping businesses and organizations broaden the discussion about mental health and offer services to address the well-being of employees.

 Show employees that you care about their mental health

Destigmatizing Mental Health in the Workplace

As part of overall well-being, workplaces need to be providing a wide range of opportunities for employees to set, track and attain their professional goals. Understanding the community and the complexity of our growing city is something we understand. We understand Saskatchewan businesses, the Saskatchewan people and the pressures they are faced with daily. 

We offer a unique model of care.

Intake Process:
Our intake process is compassionate, personable and easy.

Counselling Services:
We offer individual counselling, group therapy, personalized assessments, remedial tutoring with highly qualified team of psychologists, social workers, clinical counsellors.

Workplace Expertise:
Employee and Management training, seminars, online education.

Expert Coaching:
For individual wellness, leadership and development.

Wellness Resources:
Online education and support through “The Treehouse”. 

Critical Incidents:
Delivering psychological first aid, management consultation, and support when workplace tragedies occur.

Continued Care:
Joshua Tree believes in building lasting relationships and creating a “home” so you can visit throughout your life to access the services you require.

This is the Joshua Tree Employee Wellness Action Plan.

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