Team Building

Team Building

The Joshua Tree Learning Centre offers a variety of Team Building and Leadership Development programs by offering tools, support and motivation to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Our coaching methods focus on bringing your forward by using specific methods to impact and empower you to confidently move towards a life of purpose and fulfilment. Great for individual and groups!

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Team Building Retreats

Our team building retreats use the Eagala approach that integrates equine-therapy designed to develop leadership and life skills for people from a variety of different backgrounds, ages, abilities and professions. Located at Beaver Creek Ranch, our retreat is led by Certified Equine Assisted Learning Specialists, to provide the opportunity for a unique learning experience.

These retreats focus on healthy communication, conflict resolution, and experiential team-building exercises using ground-based activities with horses. They offer a safe space for the team-building experience outdoors. This is a great way to re-establish connected communication between team members that have been remote or newly developed teams. 

Team-building equine-assisted retreats can be booked in blocks of time ranging from 4 to 8 hours. Group sizes range from 4 to 15 people. Note: this is an outdoor activity and weather permitting.

Speaking Engagements

Our team at the Joshua Tree Learning Centre, loves getting out and connecting with our local businesses and community! We are now offering Corporate and Business presentations to help de-stigmatizing mental health and making it easier for folks to get help and support when they need it. To this end, we offer community talks and presentations in the Regina area.

Our experienced team can tailor any topic for your organization’s specific needs.

Listed below are various subjects that we can present on:

  • Mindfulness with Children and Teens
  • Teen Self-Esteem
  • Parenting Your Teen
  • Steps to Changing a Child’s Behavior: Parenting Strategies that Work
  • Promoting Mental Health for You AND Your Child
  • Raising Resilient Children
  • How to Manage Mental Health as a College Student
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Children and Teen Anxiety: What to look for, How to Help, and Skills to Use
  • Loss, Longing & Laughter, Enjoying the Holidays
  • Self-Care for Success
  • Succeeding Over Suffering: Overcoming Grief and Depression
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Arrested Development: Supporting the Emerging Adult

Leadership Development Programs

We feel that leadership and well-being go hand-in-hand. That’s why we offer a Leadership Development program to help you lead with consciousness and help you navigate everyday workplace challenges successfully.


Workplace stress, layoffs and organizational challenges have led managers to burn out. It is our goal to help leaders (and future leaders) understand the need for comprehensive development program to address personal uncertainty, anxiety, and distress. We will develop a program to help you align your vision and transform you into the leader you want to become and that your company needs without the fear of failing. Using specific developmental and therapeutic tools, we will help guide you to inspire your team and fast-track your career and influence.


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