The Treehouse

Nobody knows your child better than YOU do!

That’s the belief The Treehouse, Joshua Tree Learning Centre’s new online support community for parents, is built on!

Does your child or teen have a learning or other disability, or are they struggling with anxiety/depression?

Could YOU use some support and new strategies to better help them AND yourself?

Would it be nice to connect (and even blow off steam!) with other parents who can relate?

The Treehouse is for YOU!

Stacey Adelman - Regina
“Too often when our child has special needs or is struggling, we look outward to ‘the experts’ — or Google — for answers. I created The Treehouse as an easy way for parents to learn to look inward, trust that YOU know what’s best for your child and connect with other parents who GET it!”


Stacey Adelman

Mom, Registered Psychologist &
Owner/Founder of Joshua Tree Learning Centre

Here’s how The Treehouse works!

The Treehouse is a new low-cost online support community here to help parents who have a child with any kind of mental health, learning challenge or disability connect with each other and strengthen their parenting superpowers!

As a Member, you will:

  • Get tons of practical insights, discussion tips and tools on parenting, mental health, learning challenges and more from Stacey, her amazing team and special guests — all focused on building YOUR confidence in YOU as the expert!
  • Learn a proven process to help you follow YOUR instincts and trust YOUR ability to do what’s best for YOUR child!
  • Connect with, learn from and laugh with other parents who GET it!
  • Do all this via Zoom, a member-only website and private Facebook group on YOUR OWN TIME in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!
  • The Treehouse is our private community exclusively for parents of children with dis/abilities and mental health concerns – and is completely FREE to join!

Who can join?

Any parent, anywhere, whose child or teen has mental health, learning challenges or any kind of disability or special need. You don’t even have to be a Joshua Tree client or live in Regina!

Does this replace counselling or therapy?

Not at all. Stacey and the team will always be here for you for that! This is just an awesome, affordable way for you to have some professional support and connect with other parents whenever and wherever you want! No appointments, waiting or driving needed!

JOIN NOW to strengthen your parenting superpowers!