Meet Joan Helmsing, B.Ed., M.Ed.




Joan Helmsing, Helmsing Consulting Inc., is an educational psychologist, teacher, assessment-trainer, mentor, musician and grandmother. She was a music teacher, an elementary classroom teacher and learning assistance teacher (69-01). She taught summer sessional reading classes at the University of Regina (79-89). She completed a Bachelor of Education (77) and an M.Ed. (83) at the University of Regina. As a learning assistance teacher she began assessing students for academic learning disabilities in 1978. Still teaching full time, she began assessing adults privately in the mid-80s.

The topic of Joan’s M.Ed. thesis was An Investigation of the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery to Identify Severely Learning Disabled Students. She was trained by the authors and was the WJ Assessment-Trainer in Canada (89-15), teaching professionals how to use the Woodcock-Johnson. She is registered with the College of Psychologists in Saskatchewan. She was previously registered with the College of Psychologists in the North West Territories. She is a member of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, the Psychology Association of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Association of School Psychologists and the Canadian Psychology Association. She has an Authorized Practice Endorsement which allows her to diagnose academic learning disabilities. She has been assisting doctors in diagnosing persons with ADHD since 1989.

Joan was the national president for the Council for Exceptional Children (87-88) and the Saskatchewan Representative on the International Board of Governors (87-90). She worked with 4 school divisions assessing students in the North West Territories (09-16). She has supervised 3 graduate students.

Assessment is like solving a puzzle. Joan loves the process of helping clients learn about themselves and how to become more efficient learners and happier people. She loves teaching and finds it gratifying when a student masters a new skill.

Joan is pleased to offer psycho-educational assessment and tutoring programs at Joshua Tree Learning Centre. The tutoring program will allow her to assess for specific problems and plan a program to meet each student’s needs. She welcomes the opportunity to engage students in their own learning and development through activities specifically designed to increase their skill set in reading, math or written language.