Community Initiatives Fund


WEsilience! – A One Day Retreat for Business Owners

Please join us as WE work together to banish the burnout and end the stigma surrounding mental health for entrepreneurs. We’ve heard a lot about resilience and we are ready to change the narrative of what resilience really means. Entrepreneurs are at their core, resilient beings, however, WE must shift the popular view of entrepreneurs from “tireless visionary” or “lonely hero” to one that allows them to show their vulnerability and ask for help when needed, without any fear or shame. WE can break the stigma around mental health challenges by joining our voices and speaking up.

Stacey Adelman, M.Ed. Registered Psychologist and fellow business owner of Joshua Tree Learning Centre will facilitate WEsilience, a one-day retreat for business owners in the beautiful Qu’appelle Valley by Lumsden, SK. Together, WE will learn to better manage stress and identify burnout warning signs to stop the overwhelm before it becomes unmanageable.

Stacey is a teacher at heart and understands that we learn best by doing. WEsilience will be a day to participate in activities in nature that help us learn and practice skills to take care of our mental health. The best part….WE will do this together.

When: September 6, 2022 – 9:00 – 5:00
Where: Beaver Creek Ranch, Lumsden, SK – owner and Equine Assisted Learning Specialist – Brenda Clemens – Yes! WE will work with horses! WE won’t be riding. All EAL exercises will use groundwork with the horses as our teachers.

Cost: $400

Lunch and all materials provided. Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather and closed-toed shoes.