The White Hatter – Internet Safety and Digital Literacy for Parents and Caregivers


In this live virtual event, Brandon Laur, MGC., M.A at The White Hatter will help parents help their kids be safe online. Topics discussed will be:
  • the positives and negatives of the internet today
  • challenges for youth today
  • technology as a distraction
  • media overconsumption
  • online predators
  • challenges for parents and caregivers
  • how online information is collected and used
  • opportunities technology provides
  • data tracking and collection
  • privacy
  • personal online legal consequences
  • concerning signs to look for
  • sleep concerns
  • account management
  • exploitation
  • nudes and sexting
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When: October 27, 2022 – 7:00-9:00 pm – Q and A for 30 minutes
Note: Link to this live presentation will be sent to all registrants the day of the presentation.

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