It’s Quitting Time, Take the shift into Recovery


Treatment Program

September 21 to 26 – 9:00 to 4:00 & Saturday, September 26 9:00 to noon – lunch/snacks will be provided

We are changing the face of Addiction Treatment and Recovery with this program. This program focuses on a holistic approach to the individual. We will focus on helping the individual identify their behaviours which lead them to drinking and/or using drugs.  While giving them new skills to manage their cravings, urges and triggers.

  • Interview – each participant will participate in an interview prior to participating in the treatment program to discuss their use and goals for the program
  • A week-long treatment program, for people wishing to enter Recovery and Quit using
  • There is limited room for participants

What you will learn

  • Education on Addiction, including effects on your body and your family
  • Change the narrative and beliefs you have about yourself and your use
  • Holistic Approach to Recovery
  • The effects of stress and your stress response
  • Identifying feelings/emotions and express yourself
  • Effective Communication
  • Healthy Boundaries and Relationships
  • Create a life where you are able to have healthy sleep hygiene and eating patterns

Option 1 – Introductory cost of the program with an initial interview and treatment program $750.00

Option 2 – Introductory cost of the program with an initial interview, treatment program $750.00 and 3 follow up counselling sessions $1000.00 (typical cost of the program is $2500.00)