Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me

Group: Min: 4 Max: 6
Sessions: This will be an 8-week group (Once a week for 90 mins), Sunday Afternoons from 3:00-4:30pm starting on September 27th, 2020, one week break on Oct. 11th & on Nov. 1st and ending November 29th, 2020.
Cost: $400 (Includes 8-90 min group art therapy sessions and all art materials are provided)

Description: This is an eight-week art therapy support group for teens to develop a healthy, loving relationship with themselves in feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies. Once a week for 90 minutes participants will engage in creating artwork, reflecting/sharing their artwork and a group discussion. Each week will consist of a theme for the group to explore creatively and verbally within a group format. By doing so, this will help individuals to strengthen their own self-awareness, coping strategies, and find support through connection and similar lived experiences. Art therapy groups allow individuals to communicate difficult thoughts and feelings visually in a supportive environment among other individuals seeking support. The overall aim of this group is to decrease the feelings of isolation through group support, communicating thoughts and feelings through visual expression and introduce new coping strategies. No artistic experience is needed.

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***If you’re interested in attending this group, please email [email protected] to receive an intake form before registering to ensure this group will meet your needs!****


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Group Goals

  • Increase resiliency and hope
  • lowering isolation and increasing social connection
  • Improving communication with ourselves and others
  • Increase positive coping skills

Session Overview

  1. Opening Ritual (Check-in)
  2. Theme of the Week
  3. Creation Time
  4. Reflection & Discussion
  5. Coping Strategies
  6. Closing Ritual (Check-out)

Weekly Themes

  • Week 1: “Introduce Yourself”
  • Week 2: “Safety”
  • Week 3: “Community vs. Isolation”
  • Week 4: “What fills our bowls”
  • Week 5: “Mask Making (Outside: Part 1)”
  • Week 6: “Mask Making (Inside: Part 2)”
  • Week 7: “Hopes for the Future”
  • Week 8: “Self-Care”